During the period of 2 months I will follow up on your project, we will be in contact Online where you will be able to send messages, songs, projects etc... Everything you seem important for me to take for our classes.

During the first month we will schedule 5 live classes on Online (one class per week), with a duration of 2 hours each class where I will spend in-depth content about what we will be talking about, during this period you will build a track with my support at each stage, you send me the project and fix and explain the necessary points, and give more tips on how to evolve the track until the end of it. At the end of this first stage we will have completed a track together.

The second month is the time for the student to independently test his/her past knowledge on a new track, but whenever there are doubts, the student should contact me for assistance. At the end of the mentoring there will be a sixth class where we will do an analysis of this track composed in the second month and it is also the time to discuss any subject that may still have doubts.

The classes will be very customizable, I will pass the content according to what you want but I can also give tips according to what I think is important for your case, the main topics would be: 

* Arrangement 

* Synthesis 

* Mixing

But we can also go a little beyond music and talk about how to develop your project in a professional way:

* How to release music independently and effectively.

* How to handle bookings parties safely.

* How to define the visual aesthetic of your project.

Once the mentoring is complete we will have defined the right path for you to follow and continue your development journey alone with much more clarity and confidence in the work you are doing.

Some important points:

We won't necessarily talk about all of the above topics, this will vary from case to case. During our skype chat outside of class, I may take some time to respond as I will have side projects going on (hence the limitation of being one student per month ). As much as the student brings references, the focus will be on the development of his project, we will not be interested in creating something similar to what already exists, but rather having it as a base.

What you need to do mentoring:

Have a knowledge of music production with a repertoire of ready-made songs. Time and commitment to perform tasks during training Willingness to develop as an artist and professional



The value of the mentoring is 350 Euro The form of payment can be by PayPal. These are the main points to introduce you first hand, but if you have any questions about the training you can send me via email or we can arrange a call.


Thank you!


Classes are online, and are charged by the hour, you will have complete freedom to choose how best to direct the class. I can open projects you have already done and analyze, or even better start a project in class explaining to you step by step. Class recording is not allowed. Price: 30 euro per hour