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Watch the process behind "Pass By", an amazing track from Alien Chaos.

All arrangement  process from an Epic intro, Lead and synths conversations to a main break full of excitement and tricks that lead to a final part of the track.


30% OFF: $21 USD
Original Price: $30 USD
(taxes can be different for each country)

What is it?

2 hours and 40 minutes video of creative flow, no talking.

Who is this for?

For experience producers that need some inspiration and get more creative techniques.

What are its strengths?

Watch the real process behind making a psychedelic track, with no editing or boring tweakings. I start the video with 2 minutes track with only a sketch and extend it for 6 minutes.

It´s a pre recorded video, with lifetime access. There is no talk, only production process, so its acessible to any language.

What Im going to get?

You will understand how to arrange your track and get out of the inicial loop, get inside the Alien Chaos production flow and watch how to make an EPIC intro and build amazing breakdown and build ups.

How can I use it?

You can access the video in the platform with your personal login. You can watch offline in your mobile (just download Hotmart Sparkle app). Inside the platform there is a download link with full Ableton project and a Remix pack from the same track to use for study propouses.

30% OFF: $21 USD
Original Price: $30 USD
(taxes can be different for each country)

Alien Chaos 2022



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