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Alien Chaos is a psychedelic trance Project founded by Dennis de Souza from Curitiba, Brazil. By the music he creates a large comunity that vibrates and spread our culture around the globe.


Always looking to bring inovative and quality contents for psychedelic trance music, sharing knowledge and delivering high quality music production supplies for music producers.

His path in the psychedelic scene started in 2007 when he went to the first rave party of his life, by that hypnotic and atmospherical trance vibe that brings the psytrance parties he was definetly hooked and sure that something for his life was born.


Than he starts his musical research on the internet, knowing the psytrance styles, and collecting a lot of tracks, the curiosity about what a DJ really does start to appear in his mind.

Amazed by the capabilities of music, that bring energy and connection for the people around it, he wants to express himself playing psytrance.  

Started by djing in local parties in his home town in 2009 as DJ Chaos, in that time also starts the to understand the concepts about music making. Ableton Live was the first and only DAW that he keep to develop and learn each function.


When Alien Chaos project was consolidated in 2013 he began to spread around the globe with his first album called “Alien Talk”.

His sounds its focused on electronic sound design, from frequency modulation to sample manipulation he will definetely blow you mind with sounds that you dont listen everyday.

Creating deep atmospheres, 3D effects, High Technology Lead Design Alien Chaos brings an entire universe with imersive textures, giving the felling of euphoria and connection with your higher self. 

Travelling around the world, he already bring his music to Brazil, Mexico, India, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

The main GIGs were:

Hitech Revolution (BR)

Pulsar Festival (BR)

Trip To Darkness (CH)

Hightech Massaker(GER)

Katayy Festival (BR)

High Paradise (BR)

Master of Puppets (CZ)

Beyond being an artist, Alien Chaos is also a teacher, since 2015 making tutorials on YouTube to share his knowledge on music production for everyone that want to learn. Nowadays lauched pre-recorded lessons that everyone can acess everywhere and anytime. That creates a large comunity of psytrance producers worldwide. Here on this platform you can acess all his courses, samples packs, Ableton Templates and many others products related to the music production and the psychedelic trance world.



Dennis de Souza

Responsible for management and creation. Graduated in Event Management in OPET College Curitiba Brasil, Dennis works as music producer and performer since 2007.  Being envolved with the psy trance culture, Since 2015 building a community online sharing knowledge about muic productions.


Ann Glownia

Responsible for editing, design and marketing. Graduated in UTFPR Graphic Design and UFPR Public Relations, Ann Glownia works as a designer in the technology market and also with author projects in the alternative scene. Since 2006 she has been involved in the Psytrance scene and from 2011 with the trance fashion project Palenque Design and in 2015 started producing psychill and dark Hitech tracks in partnership with Alien Chaos. During the last decade she has also created psychedelic artwork and designs for event promotion and EP covers.

Side projects

Harmonic Glitches.jpg


Harmonic Glitches

When Alien Chaos and Kadum meet they form Harmonic Glitches, a project made by a fusion of two different worlds. Combining acoustic instruments with funky and melodic ideas with digital and glitchy effects their music gonna keep you involved and bring a totally new world to your musical taste. 




Spiralmental, arises from the side project of Alien Chaos, which has in its mind transiting through spirals
of information, trying to deconstruct thought patterns.
With dense ambiences, which combine forest influences with cybernetic sounds, they will transmit the
connection between the organic and the technological inside your mind.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-15 at 13.55.17.jpeg



It's an hitech duo made by Alien Chaos Music and Ann Glownia from Brasil ! They have joined their love and force to produce some serious dark psytrance ranging from slavic culture story telling to imersive, deep and energetic trip into the woods.


Glitch Psychill


From the joining of seemingly opposing forces, such as nature and technology, comes music
psychedelic. With a mix of rhythms, the sound of Chillaoz will bring you to a state of relaxation and
trance with beautifully crafted beats, synthesizers and organic sounds together to complete the
travel under electronic music bringing a message of peace to all listeners. ENJOY!

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