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Understand The Fundamentals and Special Tricks to produce High Level Psytrance Tracks

Music production is not easy when you don't have a solid foundation for construction, usually the producer spends hours in the studio and often without having a satisfactory result.

In this guide I will cover the key points for creating a powerful psytrance that connects the listener and creates a euphoric atmosphere on the

dance floor.


I'll tell you my methods for a dynamic and very fast creation, making the music production process extremely pleasurable, with as little puzzle

as possible.

I believe that fun is the key to creating a good

song, whoever is producing it needs to be at a high level of excitement so that the track is driven with the energy of a giant dancefloor!



Advanced Mindset

Understand a powerfull set up to organize your Ableton Template to easly get a great sound in any start.

Record and Edit Workflow

Learn techniques of Recording and Edit effective for you save time and improve your songwritting

Kick and Bass Processing

Get fat and clean Kick and Basses with a Step by Step Guide covering the main aspects to create solid psytrance Kick and Basses.

Psytrance Elements

Be sure what elements you can use in your compositions to have a great variety of sounds, each one with it own way to record and edit example.

Arrangement Guide

Create interesting arrangements by understanding the fundamentals of an Eletronic Dance Music Structure.

FX's Recipes

Know all kinds of effects to processing your audio such as Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser and much more including personal recipes especially for psytrance tracks.

VST Plugins Guide

All chapters are very well illustraded with original pictures including all names of the plugins.



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Alien Chaos is a project by Dennis de Souza from Brazil, since 2009 he is rocking the dancefloors around the world. Working with music producing for 12 years, he has more than 10 hours of music in his arsenal.

Travelling around the world, he already bring his music to Brazil, Mexico, India, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
The main GIGs were: Hitech Revolution (BR), Pulsar Festival (BR), Trip To Darkness (CH), Hightech Massaker(GER), Katayy Festival (BR), High Paradise (BR), Master of Puppets (CZ).

Giving class around 6 years, already teaching over 200 producers, released 4 compilation with students tracks, its constantly generating next level content to engage and inspire other peoples.
he also has 4 side projects: Spiralmental, Chillaoz , Vislumbre (with Ann Glownia) and Harmonic Glitches (with Kadum).


Available in English and Portuguese

100% digital

86 pages of great content!


Alien Chaos 2021



This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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