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Psytrance Composition Tips and Tricks - EN

Psytrance Composition Tips and Tricks - EN

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Understand the fundamentals and special tricks to produce top-notch Psytrance tracks.


In this guide, I will cover the key points for creating a powerful psychedelic trance that connects the listener and creates a euphoric atmosphere in the
dance floor.


I'll tell you my methods for a dynamic and very fast creation, making the music production process extremely pleasant, with minimal puzzles.
that possible.


What is it?

An E-book on Psytrance and Sound Design Composition Techniques written by Alien Chaos and edited by Ann Glownia.


Who is it for?

Beginner producers who don't know where to start producing and want to understand how the process of creating a track works.

Experienced producers who want to improve their workflow and have more clarity on production processes.


What are it strengths?
This E-Book will make your music production uncomplicated, with a unique and well-illustrated design, making the material easy to understand. Get access from basic to advanced techniques that will revolutionize your production process.


What will I achieve with this E-Book?

Optimizing your workflow, from organizing the DAW, knowing the different elements of a psytrance track and how to fit them into a context, understanding arrangement concepts to create tracks that impact the dancefloor, famous effects recipes that work on the dance floor and knowing the main plugins for Psytrance production.


How can I use this E-Book?
As it is a digital product, you can easily take it with you on your smartphone or tablet and read wherever you want to get the most out of the material.


Musical genres:

Psytrance, Hitech Psytrance, Darkpsy, Progressive Trance, Prog Dark, Zenonesque, Forest, Twilight, Goa Trance...



Kick, Bass, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Snare, Crash, Atmos, Leads, Arps, FXs.



You will learn:
Advanced Mindset
Recording and editing workflow
Kick and bass processing
Psytrance Elements
arrangement guide
FX revenue
VST plugin guide


You will receive:
1 PDF file 86 Pages

Written by Dennis de Souza AKA Alien Chaos

Design by Ann Glownia

  • 1 PDF file

    86 pages

    Written by Dennis de Souza AKA Alien Chaos
    Designed by Ann Glownia

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